• Class 'B' Building.
  • Landscaped front entry plaza
  • Cafeteria, meeting rooms, class rooms, and Deli Shop
  • Heated interior dock can accomodate semi truck trailers
  • Floors 1 through 6 can accomodate up to 200 personnel per floor
  • Raised-floor data center spaces on several floors
  • Fiber-optic cable from Qwest and T1 lines are installed in the building
  • 100% sprinkled, emergency generator, excellent lighting, and EMS System
  • Attached parking ramp with 585 spots

Suitable Uses

  • Offices, Data Centers, Medical Offices, and Clinics

The 1010 Building


The Building was originally constructed in 1923 as a garment factory for the Strutwear Knitting Company. It was expanded between 1923 and 1930. The Building was totally redeveloped in 1987 as an operations center for Marquette National Bank. The redevelopment included the addition of a new façade and a six story atrium on the 7th Street side of the property. A six level parking ramp that included a lower level truck dock was also added as part of the redevelopment. Marquette National Bank was later acquired by First Bank Systems, now US Bancorp. The Building remained an operations center until US Bancorp vacated the building at the end of 2006.